Heaven Ceiling

Heaven Floor

Heaven Table

Story of Heaven

At first, there was darkness

when a play of light began between

the sky and the earth

lit up the 6 continents one by one.

Here's Heaven. The gates of paradise.

The rays of light seeping through the clouds.

A holy light. The start of life.

Innocent. Pure and full of hope.

Technical specification

Iris painted glass lampshade

Iris boyalı cam gövde

Brass connector accessories

Pirinç bağlantı aksesuarları

Bronze platinum finish

Bronz platin bitiş

Metallic painted wood plinth

Metalik boya ahşap baza

2x4, 8W 2700K LED light source

2x4, 8W 2700K LED ışık kaynağı

Card with on-off switch

On-off anahtarlı kablo